Core Values


The Board of Directors of Providence Christian School recognizes the values that are stated below as being central to the execution of the mission of PCS.   It is the commitment of the leadership of Providence Christian School that all the affairs of PCS be conducted in such a way as to reflect and reinforce these values:

  1. Worldview
  2. Academics
  3. Parental Partnership
  4. Stewardship
  5. Faculty Care
  6. Community Testimony


PCS, as a Christian school, bases all of its instruction on the Word of God.   The Statement of Faith adopted by PCS states the following:  We believe that the Bible, in the original autographs, is the only inerrant and inspired Word of God and is, therefore, our final authority.

The existence of Providence Christian School as an academic institution is driven by this belief.   The perspective from which every curricular and extra curricular activity is approached will be informed and guided by the Scriptures.  Students will develop tools for comprehending the message of Scripture; they will discern truth and error from its teaching, and apply life lessons from its instruction.


For students to live effective Christian lives in the spheres God will place them, they must be thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and skill required to do so.  PCS programs, curricular and extra-curricular,  will be characterized by excellence, with the goal of producing students who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, socially graceful, technologically literate, physically fit, aware of personal strengths and weaknesses, and prepared to enter further academic or vocational training.

Parental Partnership

PCS works in partnership with parents who desire to fulfill their God-given responsibility of nurturing their children in the wisdom of scripture. Providence Christian School will come alongside parents to help and support their efforts in bring up their children “in the discipline and ­­instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6.4).”


Christians are called upon to be good stewards of the many things which God, through His grace, has entrusted us.  We will use financial and material resources carefully,  directing them to their most strategic application within our mission and values.  We will thankfully recognize all material resources as coming from His hand, given to us for the purpose of bringing Him glory.

We recognize faculty, staff, parents, students, volunteers, supporters, and leaders as God-given human resources, recognizing that they too have a stewardship responsibility for the things with which God has entrusted them.

We recognize that our call as stewards is to produce an increase from that with which He has entrusted us (Matthew 25.14-30).

Faculty Care

Under God and His word, our most important single resource is the faculty, who as instructors and coaches at PCS will have the most frequent human impact on our students.  We will prayerfully select faculty members, and will pay careful attention to their effectiveness.  We will invest in their development, particularly focusing on areas of training that will strategically serve the mission of Providence Christian School.  We will work hard to provide wages and salaries that will allow them to meet their material needs.    We will recognize their vital contributions to the work of PCS and will encourage students and parents to do so as well.

Community Testimony

PCS will commit to developing and maintaining a positive and godly reputation within our local and extended communities.   We will operate as an outreach of the local Church, serving through our programs the biblical missions to which they are called.  We will conduct business affairs in a legal and orderly manner, supporting local vendors as is fitting with our stewardship responsibilities.

We will “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king (1Peter 2.17).”