Vision Statements


For our students…

Our vision is to graduate young men and women who

  • Are capable of evaluating human knowledge and experience in the light of the Scriptures.
  • Listen with discernment and think with clarity.
  • Are well prepared for the rigors of adult life, possessing knowledge and the wisdom to use it; equipped with the tools of learning, yet realizing the limitations and foolishness of the wisdom of this world.
  • Are able to distinguish cultural influences from biblical; unswayed toward evil by the former and motivated to Godliness by the latter.
  • Are spiritually gracious and socially graceful.
  • Possess a heart for the lost and the courage to be used as God’s tools in reaching them.
  • Possess true faith, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Are able to distinguish faith from religious form.
  • Are actively engaged in applying their gifts and training in the ministry of their local church.
  • Do this with eager humility, joy, and gratitude, all for the glory of God.

For our staff, we desire…

  • To cultivate these same qualities.
  • To see them well paid so that they may make a career at NVCS.
  • That they be professional and diligent, gifted teachers, loving their students and their subjects.
  • To provide opportunities for growth and development according to individual gifts and interests, and that they demonstrate a hunger to learn and grow.
  • That they have opportunity to be refreshed and renewed.
  • To see them nurture new staff and serving as academic mentors to students.
  • To see them grow in Christian maturity and in the knowledge of God.

For our parents…

  • We aim to cultivate in them a sense of personal commitment to the school, supportive of the goals of our Christ-centered approach.
  • We desire that they actively participate in the growth and development of the school.
  • We will help them follow biblical principles in addressing concerns, and encourage them to hear all sides of a matter before rendering a judgment.
  • We aim to, with them, heed the Scripture’s injunctions to stir one another up to love and good works.


With our community…

  • We aim to be above reproach in our business dealings.
  • We will be supportive of the local business community.
  • We will seek practical ways to help meet community needs by engaging in community service.
  • We seek to exemplify the unity of the body of Christ, developing greater fellowship and understanding with evangelical churches.
  • We desire to participate in building up the Church of Christ for the expansion of His kingdom for the glory of God.
  • We desire to reflect the glory of God and to bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ in all our endeavors.