Junior High is an important stage of a student’s life. With elementary grades behind them, Junior Highers will be preparing for the more demanding rigors of High School.  We’ve designed our Junior High program to help our students step forward in the areas of personal freedom, responsibility, and spiritual growth.

To get the school year started off well, our students head to the Mt. Lassen National Park area for a weekend campout.  This key event is designed to set a spiritual theme for the year, help students build relationships with each other, and do some serious hiking.   spends a weekend at a campground in the Mt. Lassen National park area for an overnight Spiritual Emphasis Retreat.

Every three years the 6th through 8th grade classes take an overnight trip to the Bay area, where they tour and stay the night on the World War II Liberty ship, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.  Students will also have opportunities to participate in athletics, musical drama, and science fairs.  Daily Bible classes take the Junior High students through a curriculum that includes a survey of the entire Bible (Route 66), the Life of Christ in the Gospel of John, and Wisdom in Proverbs.

Because of the commitment of parents that is complemented by our unique focus, Providence Christian Junior High students stand out from the crowd. We promote mutual respect, acceptance of others, initiative, and personal responsibility. As discipline issues arise, our approach is to lovingly promote character growth and restoration, with consequences designed to promote these goals.

We desire that our students develop a love for learning, and tailor our approach to nurture that impulse, recognizing that the development of the whole person is our ultimate goal.