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We have designed our elementary programs to directly reflect the Core Values that have guided our development as a Christian school:  Worldview, Academics, Parental Partnership, Stewardship, Faculty Care, and Community Testimony.


The most important thing that distinguishes a Christian school from other schools is the perspective from which the task of education is approached.  At Providence, we understand that God is the source of Truth, He is sovereign in all things, and He has created us to glorify and enjoy Him.  His Word, the Bible, is central to all we teach; the principles found therein are to guide what we do.

Students gather each morning in Morning Assembly, where we start the day with prayer, scripture memory, a praise song and some words of spiritual encouragement.  Students then head to their classrooms for their academics, which include a carefully crafted Bible lesson.

The goal of all this is to help students develop a biblical worldview; to see all of life through the eyes of faith.


Our programs are designed to nurture the development of the whole person:  spirit, mind, and body.  We understand that God desires our very best, and we can expect our students to successfully master our rigorous curriculum.  Our small class sizes enable teachers to give attention to individual students.  For special education needs, we have access to local and county assessments and services.

We implement the A Beka curriculum for our elementary programs, which uses a phonics-based method of language development.  We teach cursive, but starting with 2nd grade, we take our students to our well-equipped computer lab for keyboarding lessons.

Our students score well on standardized tests, often doing better than students in both public schools and other ACSI-member schools.  Click here to visit a page showing some of our recent standardized-testing results.

Students also benefit from our dynamic physical education program.  They engage in training and drills associated with seasonal sports, and participate in rhythmic movement, dance, and agility exercises.  Students may also participate in after school sports.

Parental Partnership

To be most effective, a student’s education requires a cooperative effort between school and home.  Providence encourages parental involvement in board leadership, curriculum development, event planning, and student councils.  We encourage parent-teacher interaction, and require that all parents serve at least 24 “parent hours” per student, helping with yard duty, special events, or classroom assistance.