Steps When Considering Enrollment at Providence

Schedule an Education Consultation

      • Ask a lot of questions! You know your child’s needs better than anyone else. PCS leadership meets with parents and students in order to help provide all the answers you need to make your decision.
      • Learning about a school may take more than one visit. We know this is one of the most important decisions you will make concerning your child’s future, so we want you to take all the time you need.

Schedule a Student Shadow Day

      • Particularly important for older students, a Shadow Day allows your child to meet their peers and to experience a regular school day. Our students are welcoming and friendly.
      • There are events throughout the year that you can attend with your student to get a feel for the culture here at PCS. Come to a sports event or a fine arts performance and meet our families.

Keep price in perspective

      • While many schools don’t charge tuition, a price may still be paid by your student in terms of character development, worldview, and self-acceptance. Though Providence Christian charges tuition, the quality education, the biblical worldview that permeates all we do, our outstanding staff and students make the opportunity to flourish priceless.
      • We intentionally do not post our tuition rates online because we don’t want you to make a decision this important based on price alone. Need based financial aid is available. When you come in for your Education Consult the principal will cover all of that information with you.

Ask people who know

    • Don’t take just our word for it — ask to talk with some parents who have students the same age as your children.
    • When you meet with the Superintendent for your Education Consultation, you will get a tour of the campus. This is a great time to meet some students and ask them what they think of PCS.