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Public vs. Christian School: Mathematics

What are the differences between public and Christian schools when it comes to the discipline of Mathematics?  Here is a very brief summary of some of the differences.

The Teaching of Mathematics: Public Schools

Mathematics is a tool that is useful because it works in manipulating the natural world. 

The Teaching of Mathematics: Christian Schools
Mathematics is a reflection of the orderly mind of God who made us in His image to understand His world.
Public schools, generally speaking, have correctly seen mathematics as a useful tool for investigating and manipulating the material world, and as a means for economic benefit.  While accurate to a point, this understanding does not go far enough; it ignores the truth that math is not man’s invention, but God’s gift.  

Subjectivism (the doctrine that knowledge only pertains to an individual’s understanding, and there is no external, objective truth) is increasingly permeating our culture, and is being expressed to a degree in new secular math curriculums, including the Common Core math standards.

Christian educators
see mathematics as a gift from God that helps us see the order and beauty of creation, thus giving us a glimpse into the very mind of God Himself.  Mathematics is not autonomous but rather is an aspect of an interconnected creation.  Mathematical patterns and sequences seen in nature point to the intelligent Designer of the universe.

Furthermore, Christian educators see math not only for its economic benefit, but as a tool to advance principles such as justice, responsible stewardship, and community-building.