Relationships are important at Providence Christian School, and the emphasis we place on them has helped us build a unique school culture. Each class session begins with prayer, and students will often pray for each other. They often encourage one another in spiritual growth. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities outside of the classroom that contribute to their growth and their connection with other Christians and with the community at large. Below are some of the elements of PCS campus life

Elementary Student Life

Here are a few activities and events that our elementary students look forward to every year.

  • Morning Assembly
  • Special seasonal chapels
  • Fun and stimulating field trips
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Spirit Days
  • Sports Rallies
  • Track-a-Thon (every other year)

Students Helping Students

In addition to these activities, students in our elementary program are benefited by the involvement of older students who come along side to encourage and mentor. High School students work as teacher’s assistants in many classrooms.

Junior High Student Life

Providence Christian Junior HIgh offers a variety of activities for students to get involved in. Whether it is a sport like basketball, a student musical, a camping weekend, or a field trip to the Bay Area, students can find something that sparks their interest. At Providence, we consider each event that takes place in our lives as an opportunity for Christ to build His character in us.


We offer a variety of sports:

Boys: Flag Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Co-ed Softball
Girls: Volleyball, Basketball and Co-ed Softball

Spirit Rallies:

Students participate in all school spirit rallies. These rallies are an opportunity for students to support their athletic teams and join together in a spirit of camaraderie and just plain fun.

Musical and Drama Performances:

Elementary and Junior High students are invited to audition for the Fall or Spring Musical Drama each year. These performances provide opportunities for students develop talents in drama and singing.

SS Jeremiah O’Brien Trip

Every other year, the Junior High classes get to tour and spend the night on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, the last WWII Liberty Ship, in its original 1943 configuration. A museum tour and other treats are part of the trip to San Francisco’s Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Track-a-Thon, Bike-a-Thon, and Other Activities

Each Spring semester, junior high students participate a bike-a-thon culminating in a swim party and picnic meal at a family member’s country home.

High School Student Life

Spiritual Emphasis Week
At the beginning of the school year, Providence Christian High School students travel to a regional campground for a 3 ½ -day retreat. Students set up camp, prepare meals, and participate in group in personal bible study sessions based on the theme selected for the year. A special speaker, usually a local pastor or church leader, leads the teaching session. There is lots of hiking, swimming, sand volleyball, singing, and great fellowship. SEW is a unique opportunity to establish bonds and relationships new and returning students.

Truth & Life Conference

At the beginning of the Spring Semester, Providence Christian High School travels to the annual Truth & Life Conference at The Master’s College in Southern California. Students are treated to teaching from John MacArthur and other nationally respected bible teachers. High School students get to experience life at a Christian College. Afternoons are spent experiencing some of the cultural features of the area. A great way to begin the second semester of the school year!

Ministry Days

Each month, the High School students and faculty devote a Friday to serve the local community. Serving widows, helping at homeless shelters, working at the food bank, offering free car washes to the public, or tidying up community parks and spaces are just a few of kinds of projects undertaken. Our goal is to “let our light shine” so that by these good works others will glorify our Father in heaven.

Personal Ministry Hours

Students are expected to take on personal ministry opportunities outside of normal school hours. Activities may include teaching Sunday School, leading a bible study, volunteering at a senior center or residence facility. As with all forms of ministry, the goal is to put faith into practice by serving, giving, and helping others with the blessings God has given us.


Check out our Athletics program here.

Student Council

Students have the opportunity to develop leadership and service skills by participating in Student Council. The Council plans spirit days, rallies, special events, class trips, ministry days, and other activities.