Spiritual Life

The photo above illustrates the emphasis we place on spiritual formation at Providence.  Coach Erick Nielsen here is leading a devotional at the start of our annual basketball camp.   All our coaches regularly lead their athletes in devotions and prayer times at practices, before games, and before road trips.

Every student, grades K-12, takes a daily bible class.  You can click here to view our curriculum summaries, which illustrate our commitment to thorough bible instruction.  Elementary and Junior High students start the day with a brief chapel, and High Schoolers attend a weekly chapel led by a local pastor or church leader.  Classes begin with prayer; students pray for each other and for special needs that are brought into focus.  Equally important, faculty are diligent to base their instruction on the truth of God’s Word.

Realizing the importance of putting faith into action, the High School suspends classes once a month to participate in community ministry days.  Students have reported that the hours spent offering free car washes to the community, ministering to local seniors, cleaning up at the Jesus Center or packing donations at the Food Pantry have been some of the most meaningful hours they have spent.  High School students are also expected to record 30-40 additional ministry hours of their choosing.  All students are encouraged to help with our Operation Christmas Child collection center, and to participate with their families in Christian service opportunities.

We realize that our students come from a variety of church backgrounds.  Our goal is to unite our students around the foundational teachings of scripture, and to see them grow in Christ-like character and spirit-guided ministry.